With more than 45 years history in Bulgaria, AstraZeneca is not a company that shies away from making an impact. The global company for innovative medicines is driving scientific leadership, to deliver life-changing medicines in a number of therapy areas.…
Hand-made in Germany, the Cœur de Lion jewellery stand out with their bold elegance, colour experiments, fine details and joy they bring to their owner.
The American College of Sofia was reestablished in 1992. It had been closed for WWII, then the Ministry of the Interior's Academy was housed in its beautiful campus during communism. When, 25 years ago, the college reappeared on the map…
The innovative beauty studio helps you to achieve internal and external harmony
Finding proper meat in Sofia is a problem, particularly if you crave good beef, as the beef meat culture is yet to develop in Bulgaria. For four years now, however, in the centre of the city has been working a…
Young, healthy and beautiful: this is how feel the women who trust the services and qualified specialists at Magna Beauty Aesthetic Centre.
When exclusive quality and sustainable living are the leading lights of your life, your new residential address can only be at San Stefano Plaza.
Located in one of Sofia's neighbourhoods, Boyana, at the foot of the Vitosha, All Seasons Restaurant is an elegant place of tranquility, quiet luxury, and exquisite tastes. Chef Daniel Dimitrov tells more on the restaurant's menu and concept.
Located at a height of 85.2 meters, The View is the restaurant with breathtaking panoramic views over Sofia, modern interior and exquisite atmosphere. The open-air terraces allow you to explore the capital from above while having breakfast, buffet lunch on…
Established in 1996, St George International School & Preschool offers highly competitive education and provides creative and supportive environment for studying and education of children aged 2 to 19.
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George Margonis, the General Manager of Philip Morris Bulgaria, on the biggest change in the history of the tobacco industry

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