Skiers and snowboarders do not need to suffer for the end of the winter anymore. On 10 May in Sofia opens the first sport centre in Bulgaria for indoor skiing and snowboarding. CARVE gives amateurs an opportunity to learn, train…
Established in 2013, EuroDerma Clinic is the result of the common effort of three leading Bulgarian dermatologists: Dr Mariela Hitova, Assoc. Prof Zhana Kazandzhieva and Prof Nikolay Tsankov. They have united their knowledge and skills in different areas in the…
Are you ready for an unforgettable summer? Do you want to enjoy views that are hard to describe and to visit places in the Aegean that cannot be reached by land? Do you want to become a sea captain? If…
In May, Ruse will host the two most significant festival events in the field of tourism in Bulgaria's Danube Region. Between 10 and 12 May, the city is welcoming the 14th Weekend Tourism specialised fair and the 11th Festival of…
AMET Ltd is a company of Bulgarian origin that for a quarter of a century have been maintaining world-class quality in production of electrosurgical equipment due to decades of R&D knowhow and on-premises engineering resources.
Dr Marian Granchev on the principles and innovations at MG Dental Clinic
These Bulgaria-manufactured automised beds with system for adjustment of the back and legs positions are an excellent solution for hotels, sanatoria and everyone who wants tranquil, healing sleep for themselves and for their family.
The nation-wide network of Rusev Laboratories offer the full spectrum of diagnostic imaging: conventional technology, magnetic resonance tomography, computer tomography. The manager, Dr Venko Natskov, tells more about the technologies in Rusev Laboratories.
Mediva is the first and only clinic in Bulgaria using DAVID, a methodology for treatment of most spinal conditions developed by German and Finnish specialists.
BeerBox is one of those places that not only stand out from the crowd. BeerBox is one of the places one gets addicted to.
Bulgaria is becoming increasingly popular destination for yachting and yacht tourism. The fascinating sea breeze, the sea nature phenomena, the chance to visit romantic fishermen's settlements, the immense opportunities of the sea vastness – Bulgaria seduces with its sea coast.
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Clairvoyants and red thread: a short guide to Bulgarians' irrational beliefs (politics excluded)

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Irit Lillian is one of those ambassadors who can never sit still. While she is not engaged in the many activities related to the promotion of Israel in Bulgaria, she...

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