Following the tracks of history, along the banks of the Osam River
Velingrad is a destination for all the senses - enjoy it
Mountains, sea, tradition, spa – the country is full with holiday opportunities
With summer approaching the question of where to spend our vacation becomes even more pressing, particularly when we have higher requirements. In the past few years the number of hotels and resorts in Bulgaria that rely on the best quality…
Life originated in the ocean and we, humans, probably remember this somewhere deep inside of us, as water expanse has been attracting us from the oldest times. Our ancestors had crossed seas and had sailed from island to island, until…
"Everything that I experienced later had already happened in Ruschuk," writes in The Tongue Set Free, the memoir of the Nobelist Elias Canetti, who was born in Ruse in 1905. The contemporary visitor of this beautiful city on the Danube…
You cannot say that you have seen or that you know anything about Bulgaria, if you haven't been to Veliko Tarnovo. Located on the picturesque meanders of the Yantra River, the city has blended together its rich mediaeval history as…
The country is open for travel, adventures and pleasant experiences all year round
Ancient and modern, this city is for everyone who loves life and art
From tranquility to clean nature and luxury: the Bulgarian Black Sea has it all
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