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Vladimir Rashev, managing partner at Balkan Services Vladimir Rashev, managing partner at Balkan Services

Established in 2006, Balkan Services is a Bulgarian company for implementation of business software, business software support and integration, development of IT strategy and complete IT support. The company's solutions cover process management, IT support, mobile salesforce, customer relationship management, supply management and more. They are developed for progress-oriented small and big companies in industries like finance and insurance, manufacturing, wholesale and retail, services, pharmacy. Managing Partner Vladimir Rashev tells more.

What should a company take in consideration when looking for a business software solution?

Firstly, management of the company has to communicate the benefits of implementing new business software to every user, in order to make the transition easier, because every change is accompanied with challenges, and to motivate them to use the system frequently. If the data in the system is not up to date, all management reports become ineffective and that depends on the users.

Secondly, the internal resources, needed for such a project, have to be estimated and planned. A dedicated project manager from the company itself is a must for the fluent flow of the communication between the client and the implementer. The best scenario is when the PM and the team remain unchanged till the end of the implementation, but as some projects require even more than a year, that’s usually not the case. That’s why the good communication between the teams and their members is crucial.

Finally, the company has to find a reliable partner to successfully finalize the project with. For middle companies and enterprises, implementation is more important than the purchase or the brand of the system. The specific processes of the client’s company have to be the focus. They should be thoroughly understood in order to be successfully designed in the software. Therefore, the company needs a partner who has customer knowledge, understands its business and is able to apply customizations to the platform. This is quite different from using ready solutions, which are easier to implement and start working with, but don’t allow customizations needed for a growing business.

For what companies are the solutions of Balkan Services?

We offer middle and high-class solutions. For us it is very important that the client company has reached а development stage where the business model is already established. The company should have an established vision on what services in which segment it offers. Our task is to clarify further this business model and to automate it in a system that will allow processes to happen faster and with better quality and control. We minimize the chance of mistakes and provide the opportunity to the management to dedicate time to planning and strategy making rather than checking and comparing data from different sources.

What is the strongest point in the services that you offer?

Definitely, our biggest advantage are our consultants. We provide our consultants with opportunities to learn, to develop, to grow. Most of them have more than 10 years of experience in projects in different industries, with different software. We know that becoming a good consultant takes years to learn the technology and to get used to it, to know the clients and the challenges they face, to be up to date with the changes in technology. We also don't just implement a software, we implement a solution. Also, all of our solutions are fully integrated between themselves and with the already existing systems in the client company. We always aim to provide our clients with a complete service – from implementing the software, through its integration, till the daily support.

Sofia, 31 Ekzarh Yosif St
+359 2 980 95 99
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