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Dr Aylin Shef, MD Dr Aylin Shef, MD

Young skin looks brilliant without much efforts and care. To preserve its freshness while it matures, however, skin needs routine care. It includes not only quality cosmetics, but also the latest novelties in anti-age technologies, whose efficiency in the fight against ageing, wrinkles and skin imperfections only gets better.

The ICON laser is one of the most sophisticated modern systems for skin treatment, says Dr Aylin Shef, MD, from AD Clinic. Dr Shef is a specialist in treatment of skin and venereal diseases and has specialised in prestigious university clinics and centres in Spain, Austria, France, the UK and Bulgaria. She is a certified specialist in laser and light aesthetic systems and dermoscopy, the method for evaluation for pigmented skin lesions. She is also a part-time lecturer at the Medical University in Sofia.

ICON CYNOSURE LASER combines many technologies in a single device. The system is compatible with all skin types and is used in treatment of wrinkles, surgical scars, marks and acne scars, veins treatment. The laser provides optimal effect and comfortable treatment, dealing with the problems in depth, without scars, and with high clinical effect.

ICON uses simultaneously fraxel laser and IPL technology. Five sessions are enough for dark spots, scars, fine lines and even wrinkles to begin to fade. ICON works with creating controlled micro damage in the upper and lower skin layer. It stimulates the production of collagen in the skin's lower layer, thus rejuvenating and refreshing it. Depending on the particular problem and the needs of the face, treatment continues for 3–4 sessions with 3-week rest. Maintaining the achieved result needs 2 sessions per year, with 6-month rest. Most patients feel their face smoother and fresher as early as after their first session, and the results are visible after the 3rd one. After treatment, skin doesn't need special care, and the patient can confidently continue with her social life.

ICON CYNOSURE LASER has excellent results as well in treatment of stretch marks. It is the only laser approved by the FDA (the American Food and Drugs Agency) with proven histological and clinical efficiency.


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