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Petar Blagoev Petar Blagoev

Manager Petar Blagoev on how his company navigates the legal framework to facilitate business thriving

Established four years ago, Sivir Translations began as a company for translation, legalization and interpreting services. It gradually diversified its portfolio with two additional bureaux: for administrative services for real estate brokers and their clients, and for assistance to foreign citizens who are in the process of relocating to Sofia. Manager Petar Blagoev tells more.

Tell us more about the two new services offered by Sivir Translations?

In both branches, we are the Project Manager of a specific case, coordinating the different stages of the administrative process in accordance with the legal framework. Regarding foreigners, our team takes into consideration the specific requirements of the particular client, whether a private person or a company, which has invited employees from foreign labour markets. On the basis of a partnership, we offer our foreign clients a wide-range palette of services, such as professional legal service, removals, and help with any difficult situation they might run into in their everyday life.

Can you give us three reasons for an employer hiring foreign nationals to choose Sivir Translations?

Firstly, I would like to limelight the professional services our team provides to companies hiring employees from abroad, including services to their family members. Secondly, we help organize the entire process before and after the arrival of each and every employee. That is, we offer our clients long-term commitment and help with any issue that might arise during their stay. Last but not least, with entrusting the responsibility with us the company will be able to rationalize its costs and pass risk management to our team.

What steps should employers take to entrust their foreign workers with you and your service team?

To begin with, they have to contact us and give us the project plan for hiring foreign employees, irrespective of whether they are from the EU or from third countries. On this we develop a concrete action plan. If they already have foreign employees working for their company they should specify what they expect from us in order to enhance their administrative servicing. In this case we present a clear and concrete rationale of all processes regarding the procedures necessary for the implementation of the administrative services that we offer. We provide information to both employers and foreign employees about the steps they should take so that we could be ultimately useful with the services that we offer.

What makes Sivir a different company?

Sivir is a relatively small and flexible company offering boutique services to its clients. We do not aim to achieve mass-market deployment of our services, but to offer quality, correctness and professionalism to our trusted customers. Sivir is distinguishable with the wide range of services offered to foreign citizens who have chosen to stay, or plan to stay, in Sofia.

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