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Evgeniya (Jenny) Georgieva Evgeniya (Jenny) Georgieva

Evgeniya (Jenny) Georgieva is a coach and a leadership mentor, an organizational development consultant and an HR professional with over 20 years' experience.

She is a CMCIPD (Chartered Member CIPD, UK), a MSOD (Master in Science of Organizational Development) from Pepperdine University, USA, and an Associated Certified Coach (ACC) with ICF. Evgeniya Georgieva is the founding consultant of Talent Link Bulgaria – a training consultancy that helps organizations and leaders build successful teams through the discovery and development of their strengths. Jenny is also a leadership development coach for senior and mid-level managers. Additionally, she works with young people who need help determining the next steps in their professional development.

As a professional with more than twenty years' experience as an HR manager, a consultant in organizational development and a trainer, why did you upgrade your practice and also became a leadership development coach?

My experience as an organizational consultant, an HR manager and a top managerial team member taught me that leaders need to set an example in order to successfully bring about change in an organization. They themselves need to leave their comfort zone and develop new skills and competences. Just wanting a change is not enough. Managers should receive the right balance of support and challenge. I provide both through my coaching practice. I work with top-level managers, often through organizational development projects, where I partner with a manager and their team while supporting the leader through the application of relevant coaching methods. I can also coach the manager in leadership development, separate to any organizational projects. Normally, the higher up in the hierarchy you are, the lonelier you are. A manager needs a partner who can help them become more aware of their own thoughts. They need support in facing their fears and identifying their next moves themselves. I don't give advice, because I know that a manager already has all the resources needed to do this on their own. What they usually lack is the sufficient amount of time and space needed to talk through and think things over. This is an important time for reflection and for building an action plan.

Could you please tell us more about other consultancy and training services you provide?

We organize assessment centres with a focus on development. Based on pre-defined criteria, such as competencies and behaviours, my colleagues and I observe the participants' behaviour in work environment simulations. We analyse their strengths and weaknesses, providing them with feedback. The most valuable part of this process is that if the client requests, this approach can encompass soft skills development training and individual coaching. That is why part of our offering includes training projects for soft skills development. Over the past two years, we've enhanced these soft skills training projects with additional personal development components. The effectiveness and innovation of this approach was recognized by the BAPM (Bulgarian Association for People Management) who awarded Talent Link Bulgaria with a Consultancy Project of 2017 prize. Last but not least, I also work with managers and their teams for the improvement of their teams' effectiveness. For example, one model I tend to apply is the tried and tested by Patrick Lencioni, ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team'. It gives team members a number of effective instruments to work with, and also teaches them how to build trust, engage in healthy conflicts, gain commitment, take responsibility and focus on the results. In the autumn of 2018, we're planning to launch a line managers' development programme, which will focus on core competences, linked to the organisation's objectives and strategy. The programme will be offered in the shape of in-house training modules.


Sofia 1766, 11 Panorama Sofia St, entrance B, apartment B305
phone: +359 884 750 196
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
LinkedIn: jennygeorgieva

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