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Until 2-3 ago I was often asked how Torin was surviving in a stagnating real estate market. Today the situation is the complete opposite. I am asked how do we succeed in conditions of 200-percent competition.

Then and now, our answer is the same: we manage with quality, stylish appearance and positive approach towards the client.

This year Torin will celebrate 27 years on the Bulgarian market. We specialise in residential projects. We have built dozens of residential buildings and family houses, we have created hundreds of homes. Throughout our existence we have always relied on several principles:

1. Every client gets the best service and approach irregardless of whether they buy a 40 sq.m or a 240 sq.m property;

2. Every client has the opportunity to organise the interior space of the property they buy as they wish. Thus we give everyone the chance to live in their dream home. We have often heard our clients say: "You make dreams come true";

Torin construction company project

3. Every client is special and receives individual conditions for the sale, meaning that the deal's parameters are in accordance with their conditions and abilities;

4. Every client receives free legal help and complete co-operation for financing from a bank institution.

These principles of ours turn many of our clients into our friends. Hence our slogan: "We build homes, we create friendships."

How do we choose where to build? The factors are: good location, established road infrastructure and communications (water supply, sewage, electricity), neighbourhood utilities (stores, kindergartens, schools, playgrounds), green areas – parks or gardens. Of course, an ideal case where all of the above are present does not exist. Where some of these are missing (communications, streets, green areas, playgrounds) we build them with our funding, in order to make our properties comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Torin construction company project

When we see a project as a success? The one where properties are sold out before the building gets its permission to be inhabited. This is the most common case.

In the recent years the topic of healthy living is much discussed: eating quality products, sports, clean air, green environment. While lifestyle and eating habits are a personal choice, the conditions in which the people will live are predisposed by companies like ours. This is why a priority in construction in our buildings is not only their pleasing appearance and the quality materials, but also their environment. Our mission is not only to comply with the percentage of green areas required by the law, but when possible to increase these in order for our city to "breathe" more adequately.

Sofia, Riccardo Vaccarini St, Building 7
phone: +359 2 8 920 720
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Torin construction company project


Gergana Toncheva, Administrative Director of Torin Construction CompanyGergana Toncheva, Administrative Director of Torin Construction Company


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