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Vera Petkantchin, COO of JA Bulgaria Vera Petkantchin, COO of JA Bulgaria

Junior Achievement Bulgaria is organizing the 17th edition of the Manager for a Day initiative which this year will take place together with the Careers of Tomorrow Forum on 30 October 2018 in Sofia Tech Park. Vera Petkantchin, COO of JA Bulgaria gives more details about this edition of the forum.

This is the 4th edition of Careers of Tomorrow forum and the main theme this year is "The digital transformation of the jobs." How does it shape the daily life of young professionals?

Digital transformation has recently become one of those buzz words that everybody uses so much that at some point they are in danger of becoming devoid of real meaning. Our idea with the Careers of Tomorrow forum is to actually offer to the participants content and presentations from the world of business that do give useful information and real meaning.

The audience of the forum traditionally is a combination of high school students in their final years of study and university students in their freshman and sophomore years. This is the future workforce and they are keen on finding out the major trends that would shape their careers in the future years. On the other hand, the forum is also a great opportunity for the presenting companies to gauge the expectations, aspirations and preferences of their future employees.

Careers of Tomorrow Forum

Careers of Tomorrow Forum


This year we have presenting companies from a great variety of spheres because digitalization is already impacting and will considerably impact any existing profession and occupation that we can imagine.

At the same time, it will bring about the emergence of new jobs that we can't yet even conceptualize today. The nature of work will change profoundly and our organization is on a mission to support the young generations in going through that transition more smoothly and with a higher feeling of satisfaction and personal self-confidence all along the way. While routine tasks are expected to gradually phase out from many professions, we can see that the search for the "human factor" will be on the rise, as human qualities such as creativity, compassion, intrinsic motivation, self-efficacy, critical thinking, etc. will become increasingly important in an environment where robots and artificial intelligence will be working side by side with humans and are not expected to master such characteristics in the foreseeable future.

Flexibility, work-life balance, and a life-long learning growth mindset will be an indispensable ingredient of the digitalized nature of the careers of tomorrow.

What are the main topics that the speakers will feature at the forum?

The forum's agenda is still being shaped as this year we have witnessed enormous interest in the business community to participate with speakers. So far we have confirmations from HP Inc., Coca Cola HBC, Factset, Nestle, A1, Telelink, Swiss Education Group, Bosch, Bulatsa, bTV, Vivacom, coBuilder, TMF Group, AIG.

Careers of Tomorrow Forum

Careers of Tomorrow Forum


Their representatives have the ambitious task to inform and inspire the audience in a TED-like presentation format on various topics such as: Internet of things and the new professions it will give rise to; the transformation of the workplace that digital technologies will bring about and how to prepare for that future; robots and how they will shape the future of jobs; digital technologies and the future of the air traffic control profession; my place in the world of digital counterparts; digitalization and the future of professions in the financial and accounting sphere and many others.

We are also planning a keynote presentation by Equinox Partners on the habits that young people need to start building today so that they can be successful and happy leaders of their careers and lives in the coming decades. It will be followed by a CEO panel that will feature CEOs and top managers from SAP, Novartis, Sofia Tech Park and Bosch, as well as Lilyana Pavlova, Minister for the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU. The forum will be officially opened by the Mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova who will speak about Sofia as a digital capital.

Young people can obtain their free ticket for participation at

The forum this year will take place the very same day as the national initiative Manager for a Day. How has Manager for a Day changed in the 17 years that have passed since its first issue?

Manager for a Day is one of the landmark initiatives of JA Bulgaria. It is such a well-established brand in itself that very often people recognize the initiative immediately but are not aware that it is organized by JA Bulgaria. This makes us happy that we have contributed to the development of the business environment and the career opportunities for young people in the country in such a positive way that we can already call that initiative an "institution" in its own right.

Manager for a Day

Manager for a Day


It is also keeping up with the pace of time. Whereas in the beginning it was more directed towards acquainting young people with the best practices of top international companies and their leading managers in the country, through the years it evolved by involving a growing number of host institutions and organizations that wanted to show the positive aspects of having a career and being successful in the public or non-profit sector.

Today we are the point where a large array of host organizations showcase not only their top management positions but also open their middle-level positions for young people in order to show them the variety of opportunities they offer.

Manager for a Day has also established itself as a real talent acquisition arena for many of the host companies, because here they have access to a highly motivated and capable cadre of young people that are part of the JA Bulgaria network and are very well prepared with a different skill set and mindset – exactly the top talent companies, especially those that realize that human capital is the most important type of capital for any business, are looking for in order to boost their competitiveness.

Some of the companies that sponsor the initiative today even told us that one of the reasons is that in the previous editions they have found and hired talented individuals who are already among their best performing employees.

Manager for a Day

Manager for a Day


What is the positive impact on the host companies and organizations that are keen to share their professional experience and inspire a young person within Manager for a Day?

The positive impact for the hosts is not only in terms of establishing contact with potential future employees. Some of the other reasons companies participate are:

  •  An opportunity to contribute to the future by sharing experience and good practices that serve as an example for young people;
  • An opportunity to influence young people in a positive way in their choice of profession and future career realization;
  • Positioning of the host companies as socially responsible organizations which improves their image and brand visibility;
  • Last but not least – there is a pronounced positive impact on the motivation of those employees who share their day with a young person and are able to communicate with these ambitious young people.


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