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The Great Tamer by Dimitris Papaioannou The Great Tamer by Dimitris Papaioannou © Nyssos Vasilopoulos

World-class contemporary dance is taking over Plovdiv. Every autumn the charming Bulgarian city adds on another cultural layer to its rich heritage. After welcoming „The Great Tamer“ by Dimitris Papaioannou with 3 sold-out performances in a row and Omar Rajeh's drone dancing #minaret of peace, the city is now preparing for 2 more rocking weekends. It is ONE DANCE WEEK festival, again.

Chasing the Beast

The world premiere of ATMA – a dance duet with a universal message to save nature – is scheduled for 6 October. Performing arts fans are going to witness the first full-evening production by the rising Greek stars Danae Dimitriadi and Dionysios Alamanos. In ATMA, man and animal merge in a constantly shape-shifting organism, that tells stories about survival, vulnerability, and the primal urge to dominate.

The artists recreate the metamorphosis of a beetle, the wisdom of a sacred elephant, ancient totem animals used for shamanism, and a snow leopard. The performance is co-produced by ONE DANCE WEEK, Big Story Performing Arts Services and Centre Civic de la Barceloneta.

Tickets here.

When the Night falls

Have you ever seen a dance with tires? 120 to be exact. NIGHT by the Portuguese company CIRCOLANDO is a contemporary dance performance, in which three artists and a DJ step into the darkness in search of new clarities. The Night unleashes wild and chaotic energy but also love and friendship.

This intensely physical and emotional performance questions our language and aesthetics and digs into the ground of improvisation. Inspired by life in the outskirts of the city and the rules of the underground, CIRCOLANDO artists unexpectedly break into a dance in the middle of ruins and castaways.Circolando is a transdisciplinary artistic company founded by André Braga and Cláudia Figueiredo in 1999. Their productions combine dance, circus, and theater, with strong input from other creation fields: poetry, visual arts, music, video. Today, what dominates in their works is the circle and the act of circulating – the choice to make our way in the frontier spaces. The performance is not suitable for children under 16 years of age.

Tickets here.


Korean choreographers

After Japanese choreographer's Kenji Shinohe two dance miniatures, Korea will be featured with two very different productions. [SAL] is a miniature inspired by the traditional Korean dance Salp’uri. Performed and improved for many centuries, this dance is aimed at chasing demons and evil energy away and at bringing inner peace. Salp’uri is considered today as one of the most significant and remarkable forms of Korean dance. Performed by three Korean dancers, the piece impresses with aesthetical costumes and movements.

It is followed by a solo dance by In Soo Lee, one of the most popular Korean choreographers and teachers. In the piece named A FIRST MEET, Lee is to meet himself for the first time once again.

lee in soo As we read in the dossier: “Everything in my life is started by ‘me’. When I concede and admit me as it is. That is the first day of valuable life.“Lee incorporates contemporary dance, acting, pantomime, and other arts in his work. His works have been presented in Festival Fringe (Edinborough), Internationale Tanzmesse NRW (Dusseldorf), Daegu Dance Festival (Daegu, South Korea). Both shows are with a single ticket and their total duration is 60 minutes.

Tickets here.


Focus Lithuania

Did you know about Lithuania's booming and diverse contemporary dance scene? If not, you have a chance to do so. If yes, that you'll be sticking around Boris Hristov House of Culture on 12-14 October. Three very different productions will show Lithuania as a Baltic dance hub and will officially put an end to the 11th and probably most powerful edition of ONE DANCE WEEK. These are GODOS by AURA Dance Theather (12 October), GAME OVER by Low Air Urban Dance Theatre (13 October), and CONTEMPORARY? by Arts Printing House (14 October).

GODOS is a Lithuanian phenomenon and a word that no one uses anymore. It is related to the female narrative and is usually defined as “wistful dreams, feelings, hopes, nostalgic thoughts and unfulfilled expectations”. GODOS inspired a dance performance in two parts, with equal participation by AURA Dance Theater and the Norwegian Panta Rei Dance Theatre. Panta Rei takes its inspiration from the interpretation of the word as "song of the heart". Their Luthaning colleagues bring myths and fairytale creatures onstage.


© Marcin Smieszek

Tickets here.

On the following day, spectators will be involved in a collision of reality and dreams. Inspired by writer Julio Cortázar's books, computer games, and live music, two dancers will charm you with minimalist style and contrast movements.

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The final performance will ironize the dance making process and the dance scene in Lithuania. On 14 October, 3 artists seek to answer what actually is contemporary dance. What is to be a dancer or a choreographer? Boredom, backstage fights, daily work troubles, rehearsals routine - what usually stays hidden will be finally presented to the audience, with a great sense of humor.

Tickets here.

ONE DANCE WEEK is produced by ONE Foundation for Culture and Arts and is part of the program of Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019. The project is financed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture.

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