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Nova Zagora? Nova Zagora? © Anthony Georgieff

Think you know Bulgaria and the Bulgarians? Take our test to doublecheck

1. What is the motto for the Bulgarian presidency of the Council of EU?
A. United We Stand Strong
B. Times are a-Changing
C. Strength in Diversity

2. Hitar Petar is...
A. A witty character from Bulgarian tales
B. An amateur football team from northwestern Bulgaria
C. Bulgaria's highest railway station

3. Where in Bulgaria can you see dolmens?
A. In the Danube Plain
B. Along the Mesta Valley
C. In the Sakar mountain

4. What is the average monthly salary in Bulgaria before taxes?
A. 1071 leva
B. 850 leva
C. 990 leva

5. Forests cover what part of Bulgaria's territory?
A. 50 percent
B. 35 percent
C. 10 percent

6. On 1 November, Bulgarians celebrate...
A. The day of the National enlighteners
B. The day of the Cyrillic alphabet
C. The day of Unification

7. Which of these birds of prey is threatened with extinction in Bulgaria?
A. The common buzzard
B. The short-toed eagle
C. The golden eagle

8. Which of these places is famed for its traditional architecture?
A. Varna
B. Kovachevitsa
C. Nova Zagora

9. What is Sarmi?
A. Stuffed cabbage leaves
B. Pureed aubergine relish
C. Steamed vegetables


The correct answers to the questions:
1. – A; 2. – A; 3. – C; 4. – A; 5. – B; 6. – A; 7. – C; 8. – B; 9. – A

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