British Ambassador Emma Hopkins shares her favourite Bulgarian recipes

It may be a blast of sound an open air market stall; an orchestra playing at a wedding right on the street; the more refined tunes of Goran Bregovich, but the result is the same. Balkan traditional music has the peculiar quality to move even people who are anyway not much into what used to be called world music. It somehow gets inside you, infects you with its madness, and makes you dance and cry with the joy and the sadness, which you usually prefer to keep hidden even from yourself.

Where the best places to eat are is one of the most important questions a foreigner has in a new or relatively unknown country. Knowing this, Vagabond has sought the sound advice of insiders, who have selected for you humble eateries, exotic places and exquisite establishments for a great or intriguing dining experience, or just shared their informed opinions on Bulgarian food.

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